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Morocco is our inspiration for this beautiful, harmonious blend of 18 spices and herbs. 

Sun-dried tomatoes and garlic create richness, lemon juice adds tang, honey--a tough of sweet, while chilies and peppers bring subtle warmth. 

A full-flavored melody to hit every note.

Uses:  Amazing as a rub and marinade for all kinds of meat-pork, chicken, lamb or beef. 

Swirl into hummus, season hearty stews or use to create sauces and dressings by mixing with olive oil or yogurt and fresh herbs.

Ingredients:  Unrefined sea salt, tomato powder, garlic, coriander, sweet paprika, mint, cilantro, Pasilla Negro chilies, chili powder, caraway, sun-dried tomatoes, honey powder, lemon juice powder, cumin, onion, crushed red pepper, cayenne





No Preservatives


s.a.l.t. sisters Moroccan Rub & Seasoning

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