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Natural Hope Herbals Goldenseal - 2 FL OZ

Enhance your well-being with Goldenseal Natural Antibiotic Digestion & Immune System Support Tincture from the USA. This tincture is specially formulated to act as a natural antibiotic, supporting both digestion and the immune system. With its roots in the USA, this product offers a holistic approach to maintaining your health and vitality.


Our Goldenseal tincture is made of the roots with a little bit of leaf. Goldenseal root has long been considered the potent part of the plant, but recent studies show that adding a small percentage of leaf increases the immune system benefits of Goldenseal root.* *Ettefagh, K.A., Burns, J.T., Junio, H.A., Kaatz, G.W., & Cech, N.B (2011). Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis L.) extracts synergistically enhance the antibacterial activity of berberine via efflux pump inhibition. Planta Med 2011;77:835-840.


Natural Hope Herbals Goldenseal

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