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100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Blank inside.

Cello sleeve with envelope.
Made in Fort Wayne, Indiana!


Printmaker and designer Rachel Kroh was inspired by the experience of supporting her mom through cancer to make warm, sincere greeting cards using hand-carved woodblocks and antique letterpress equipment. 

Today Heartell Press is a team of four women based in Fort Wayne, IN who create beautiful cards and gifts using sustainable materials and processes that help people connect with one another through all of life’s joys and challenges.

They believe...
...that the root of joy is found in our relationships.
...that stillness and silence are worth seeking out and cultivating as pathways to peace and contentment. everyday creativity as a vehicle for cultivating personal and communal well being and for generating positive change in the world. the sacredness of sharing a meal.
...that we are all worthy of love and care, and that nurturing a sense of worthiness in others is the best way to reinforce our belief in our own value. the non-linear nature of growth.
...that beauty is healing. embracing the adventure.


**the lovely words and photos are by Heartell Press

If Only You Could See Encouragement Card by Heartell Press


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