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Tea flowers set with 6 different tea roses - white tea. Includes a heat-resistant glass teapot 0.5l, which isolates the tea / hot water very well and 2 tea cups with coasters (200ml each). Each Blooming Tea flower is up to 3x aufgiessbar - and thus gives each approx. 1.5l tea for true connoisseurs.


The ErblühTee from Creano offers the connoisseur an extraordinary experience: Inside the ball is an artfully bound exotic blossom. But the ball only reveals its secret when it is placed in a vessel with boiling hot water. It slowly begins to open and at the end of the infusion, the embedded blossom emerges, rich in form and color.


White tea - spring ready

ErblühTee consists of fine white tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen, Silver Needle) from the high mountain regions of Fujian Province in China. The tea bears this name because only the buds with their protective silver fuzz are used for production. The tea leaf buds, in an elongated curled form, offer protection to the unopened leaf so that it retains its valuable nutrients.


The coveted "first plucking" of white tea is the highest quality harvest of the year. It takes place at the beginning of spring and is special in quality and taste.


The taste experience

In taste, the white tea is light and sweet with a distinctive fruity aroma. The different artfully incorporated flowers of ErblühTee give the tea an additional individual flavor note.


The preparation

  • Step 1: Boil water and immediately pour into glass carafe. Please note: In contrast to green tea preparation, the use of boiling hot water is necessary here to ensure optimal opening of the ErblühTee balls.
  • Step 2: Carefully put ErblühTee ball into the water and be amazed...
  • Step 3: Please note the recommended infusion time. 2-3 infusions are possible, which will vary in flavor intensity.


The varieties / variations

White affair (White tea with jasmine flower cord)
Solstice (White tea with marigold flowers)
Blossom Rain (White tea with flowers of rose (Centifolia)
Silver wedding (white tea with jasmine flower bow)
Gold Queen (White tea with flowers of marigold & peony)
Jewel Drops (White Tea with Rose Blossom (Damascena) & Jasmine Blossom)


The ingredients

White tea (min. 95%), flowers of peony, marigold, rose (damascena & centifolia), jamsin


The Creano ErblühTee pot

Creano teapot was specially designed for traditional and conventional tea preparation and is unique in this form. During production, the special requirements that this teapot must meet in order to meet the visual and taste requirements of a real tea connoisseur to 100% were taken into account. Thus, the teapot's dimensions and shape bring forth a classy and attractive design that is not only appealing but also functional. Its customized capacity contributes to the refinement of the noble and optimal taste. The Creano glass teapot is perfect for regular tea of all kinds (herbal tea, fruit tea, green tea, black tea), through its magnifying glass effect also uniquely special for our ErblühTee Reerosen and refines its taste through its optimal conditions in an individual way.


The Creano tea cups with coaster and lid

The Creano tea cup was specially designed based on the glass carafe and completes the aesthetics of the ErblühTee-frlebnis. Due to its individual shape and design, it is perfectly designed for the enjoyment of high-quality tea and offers a capacity of approx. 200ml, which is perfectly adjusted for tea enjoyment.


The content

6 Creano ErblühTee tea flowers in 6 different varieties
1 Creano glass teapot with 500ml capacity
2 Creano tea cups with saucer and lid with 200ml capacity

Creano Tea Flower Mix Gift Set, Blooming Connoisseur set

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