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Local C2C Charity Organization Helps With Diaper and Period Supplies!

C2C offers free diapers and period supplies to our local community and information on similar resources around the country.

Their goal is to help with both Diaper Insecurity (the need for diapers), and Period Poverty (the need for feminine hygiene) in the Bloomfield and Greene county Indiana area.

Diapers, are incredibly expensive and not many local or national charities supply them. Nearly 36% of families nationwide experience diaper insecurity. Many of those families bleach and reuse disposable diapers, keep diapers on babies longer than they should, or sometimes use non-diaper materials for their babies. Of the families who experience diaper insecurity, 60% report missing work or school because they didn’t have enough diapers for child care or even to get through the day. The closest diaper bank is in Bloomington which requires transportation to get there.

Feminine hygiene is a great need in rural communities and the need is not commonly met by established charities. A recent article in Medical News Today, stated “Period poverty is a lack of access to menstrual products, education, hygiene facilities, waste management, or a combination of these. It affects an estimated 500 million people worldwide.” There are an estimated 16.9 million impoverished menstruating women living in the US. One study involving college-aged individuals who menstruate demonstrated that 14.2% had experienced period poverty in the last year and an additional 10% experienced period poverty each and every month. Research shows that almost 75% of women in the U.S. with a low income could not afford menstrual products in the last year, while nearly half sometimes had to choose between buying food or menstrual products.

Distribution is held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8PM @ 31 S. Washington, Bloomfield, IN

How can I help? They are in need of donations.

Feminine Hygiene Products


Baby Wipes

Pull Ups

New Underwear

Any New Baby Hygiene Products

Adult Incontinence Products

Donations can be dropped off at:

Seconds Times the Charm, 31 S. Washington, Bloomfield, IN 47424

Feed Store Beer Co., 750 W. Main St., Bloomfield, IN 47424

Persimmon Tree Health Foods and Gifts, 520 E. Main St., Bloomfield, IN 47424

Or you can visit C2C's Amazon wish list and have the items sent to them.

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