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Gift Baskets

Our gift baskets are designed to brighten the day for a friend, family member, or whole family that are quarantined, under the weather or just need a bright spot in their day. 

There are activities, snacks, feel good stuff and some themed baskets.  Find the one that fits your personality or the perfect one for that family you know that has had a hard day.  Whether they are fighting off COVID, or just have a stuffy nose they will love to get a basket or mug that says, "I'm thinking of you".  Even folks who are the picture of health will love to have a basket to brighten their day while it's cold outside or since they have been inside for months.

We deliver these baskets in our town (inside the city limits of Bloomfield, Indiana) or you can pick it up to deliver yourself, or if you aren't from around here, we will ship them nationwide. Be sure to list who it goes to, their contact info as well as yours if we are delivering it.  Bring a little sunshine to someone's day

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