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Natural Health & Unique Gifts 


With over two decades of experience in the natural product industry, we can help you find the right natural products for your health.


We carry selected national brands that are high quality and clean.  Many of them are made by our friends ​we have gotten to know over the years.  We also have our own in house brand called Rebel Herbs.  

We created Rebel Herbs in 2014 and sell it throughout the country and even some overseas.  It is a botanical line of products for daily health, including a full line of essential oils, using herbs we personally source from around the world.

Add to that gifts, spices and local products just to make things fun.

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Quality Essential Oils

Sourced globally from only super premium distillers for your health.  These essential oils are much higher quality than those you will see at discount stores but still reasonably priced.

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Amazing Herbal Products

We have taken a passion for herbal products and created a powerful line of products for daily use.  Our association with organic farmers gives us the finest products in the world.

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