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Pulled Pork

Prep Time:

30 Minutes

Cook Time:

15 Hours




10 pound bone-in pork shoulder roast or Boston butt ( ⅔ lb raw meat per person)

¼ cup of Rub (Little Rock BBQ Rub or All American Dry Rub)

Mesquite wood chips


PREHEAT - Get your smoker running steady at 225 degrees F. use either mesquite, hickory or apple wood (we like mesquite). If you don’t have a smoker set your oven to 225 and add liquid smoke to the top of your pork before applying the rub

TRIM - Trim the excess fat off the top of the meat. I like to leave a generous amount of fat on it and just cut deep channels in the fat crossways so it looks like a checkerboard but you can trim most of it off and still have a great result.

RUB - Season on all sides with your rub, it will melt into the meat as the fat and connective tissues are rendered so be generous.

SMOKE -Once the pork has been prepped, place it in a pan with at least 1 inch sides, this will collect the fat as it renders and give you lots of extra flavor. Close the lid, and smoke for 90 minutes per pound, or until the internal temperature reaches 195 degrees F.

REST, SHRED AND SERVE -Once your pork has reached temperature, remove it from the smoker, and wrap it tightly in aluminum foil. Allow the roast to rest for at least a half an hour.

SHRED AND SERVE -Once your pork has had time to rest, grab some forks or shredder claws and tear it up. Remove the bone and discard any fat or gristle. Eat it with or without sauce.

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