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When dropped in the water, this Rose Garden Bubble Bath Bomb will fizz, releasing it's skin-nourishing oils, soothing fragrance, bubbles, and pink color into your bath water.

This bath bomb weighs 5 oz and is about the size of a tennis ball.


What is a Bubble Bath Bomb? It's the BEST KIND of bath bomb. Why? Because unlike normal bath bombs, our Bubble Bath Bombs create a BUBBLY-Wonderland-of-excitement & relaxation in your tub!


All Two Sisters Bubble Bath Bombs:


  • Are activated to maximum bubbly-ness by your tub faucet water pressure (drop them in as you fill your tub to watch the magic happen!)
  • Can be used after you fill up the tub for a more traditional bath bomb experience
  • Leave your body relaxed and your skin super soft

Two Sisters Rose Garden 'Bubble' Bath Bomb

  • Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, epsom salts, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, essential oil, olive oil, water-based colorant, witch hazel, dried lavender buds. 

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