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Is your life as a young adult filled with uncertainty? Choose The Auspicious You and find your confidence! Young adults carry a burden of responsibility as you transition into adulthood. Our culture tells you to have excellent grades, social skills, a specific physical appearance, volunteer hours, job experience, an online presence, plus really white teeth.


These high demands are unrealistic, but Lori Vandeventer’s intimate letters show that she understands and knows how to combat the pressures. Her letters will show you a way to leave your current insecurities behind and enter the next stage of your life full of optimism. With a long-standing career of working with young adults as her foundation, she gives you the tools to navigate pressures and move toward an auspicious future.Embrace the advice in her letters to…


••Recognize and respond to the important issues in your life without falling into the trap of overwhelming stress.

••Understand that external demands and pressures are often the loudest, but not the most important issues in your life.

••Be empowered to meet current goals and feel fulfillment in life.

••Gain access to methods of communication with peers, mentors, and family members.


The Auspicious You is also a helpful book for the older mentors and coaches of young adults. Mentors and group leaders will benefit from this book because they can depend on discussion questions and leadership from Lori Vandeventer’s experience as a veteran teacher.


The letters and the questions she provides will build confidence for mentors to prepare open discussions and lessons to lead their youth through these challenging subjects.


Now is the time to become AUSPICIOUS! Open the letters and begin your transformation TODAY!

"The Auspicious You" a Book By Lori Vandeventer

SKU: 9781640857162
  • I'm living through situations that Lori Vandeventer discusses in her letters. As I was reading, I had to stop multiple times, thinking Wow! How does she put the experience in such precise words of how things really are on campus? The letters are very reliable, and they have the potential to be life-changing for many young adults, myself included.

    Bailey Caswell, sophomore at Purdue University


    As someone who has worked with students all over the country, I see how the transition to young adulthood and college is daunting and difficult. Lori Vandeventer not only puts into words the challenges all college students face, but she also gives practical and impactful advice. This book of letters is full of wisdom I wish I could share with every high school senior over a nice meal. Practical, authentic. Helpful.

    Michael Hartman, Youth Pastor at The Crossing, Windmill Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada


    Drawing from her own personal life stories as well as experience teaching and interacting with hundreds of youth, Lori Vandeventer has written a much-needed reference book for young people to utilize during one of the most challenging periods of their life. As a social worker who has had experience working with young people in both the school and private practice setting, I can testify one of the greatest questions they have is "who am I," apart from who everyone else has told me to be. Vandeventer's letters act as a guide, giving gentle yet direct advice and wisdom pointing young people in the direction of finding their true Auspicious You. I envision this book being valuable with individuals, in group settings, and in classroom instruction with students.

    Heather M. Hudson, Master of Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Lori Vandeventer earned her Bachelor of Science in English from Indiana State University and her Master of Library Science degree from Indiana University. Lori started her career teaching English to high school students in 1990.


    In 2006 she became a librarian and devoted herself to collaborating with colleagues, writing curriculum and assessments, teaching students, attending and presenting for professional development opportunities, serving as a mentor, directing a peer tutoring program, and advising honor society students. To her delight, Lori is also teaching dual credit English courses through Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College.


    As teacher and librarian, Lori considers the school system her mission field where she can serve others, and she holds a commitment to young adults and the parents, teachers, and mentors who work with them. Known as Van to her students, she continues to feel the passion and creativity involved with teaching young adults.


    Lori and her husband enjoy coming home to their Boxers, Prince and Pepper. Lori's young adult twins are also a tremendous source of love and pride as they create their way in the world.

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