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Rudolph's Much Deserved Nightcap Bar Soap


Rudolph works hard during the holidays.

He deserves a few minutes of respite after a long day, so we’ve created Rudolph’s Much Deserved Night Cap, a festive soap with the scent of Toasted Cinnamon and antique wood that compliments his favorite nightly beverage of cinnamon schnapps.


Smells like toasted cinnamon and antique wood
At 10 oz., our large soap is 3x the size of dainty seasonal soaps
Made in the USA by humans, not elves
According to Deb in Receivables, this is a "super fun" gift for guys.
A portion of proceeds benefits veterans and active duty military
Size: 10 oz bar


Rudolph's Much Deserved Nightcap Bar Soap - Duke Cannon

SKU: 371782000176

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