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The uniquely earthy tone of pu'er tea mirrors Peter’s frolicking through the dirt and plants of Mr. McGregor's vegetable garden. Don't get lost!


Pu’er tea is a truly unique form of tea made for thousands of years in the Yunnan region of China and unlike most other tea, is allowed to ferment and age, sometimes for years, until it is pressed into a compact “brick” form. This process infuses Pu’er with complex earthy flavors and gentle bitterness, with a wide variety in flavor based on how long it is allowed to ferment.


Ingredients: 100% Loose Leaf Pu'er Tea. 


High Caffeine - Perfect for naughty rabbits.


Includes a FREE Pu'er Rabbit Bookmark.

Pu’er Rabbit Loose Leaf Tea - Premium Tin with Bookmark


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