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Mesmerizing motion toy. Creative educational toy. Visually stunning and requires no batteries!

5" stainless steel rings lay flat.

The stainless steel Kinetic Coil comes in three color options: rainbow, blue and gold.

In its original format, the 5" steel rings lay flat waiting for a touch.

When you tap the rings, they magically open into a fantastic 10" 3D kinetic sculpture.

Kids and adults alike love the Kinetic Coil because there are so many fun ways to play with it. Wearing it on your arm or perform tricks.

Integrating props into the kinetic fun adds to the adventure.

The coil can roll down a stick or rope into more fun ring shapes.

Storing the kinetic coil is easy when you take it back to its original flat shape.

Kinetic Coil

SKU: 659549234393

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